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Surtr - Smoked Porter 0,33l - Beer of the Gods

Surtr - Smoked Porter - 0.33l bottle

Surtr, the Black, a fire giant and ruler of Muspelsheim is a truly wicked fellow.
He is the enemy of the Nordic gods.
During the Ragnarök he severed with his sword Surtalogi the Rainbow Bridge Bifröst, which connects Midgard with Asgard.
With Surtalogi he also kills the unarmed Freyr and finally ignites the conflagration by flinging fire in all directions.

Deep blackness, fire and smoke, all this is reflected in this Smoked Porter again.
It provides a very complex, yet balanced taste experience, combines roasted and coffee flavors, with notes of dark chocolate and dried fruit.
These flavors are accentuated by a fine smoky taste in the background.
Drink with care. Excessive enjoyment leads to world conflagration!

- Capacity: 0.33 liters per bottle
- Upper-fermented, malt-stressed black beer
- Always store cool and dark
- Prices are incl. 0.08 Euro deposit per bottle
- Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops and yeast
- Allergens: Contains gluten-containing cereals
- Alcohol content: 6.2% vol.
- Made by the Wacken brewery, 25596 Wacken

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