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Einherjer Sold - Barley Wine - Vintage Beer 2017, 0.75l bottle

Einherjer Sold - Barley Wine - Vintage Beer 2017, 0.75l bottle

The Einhersjer are fallen warriors, who are picked up by the Valkyries from the battlefield and brought to Walhalla. There in Odin's magnificent hall, they play and fight until the All-Father leads them into the great last battle of Ragnarok. The world then plunges into chaos, the Fimbulwinter leaves everything freeze, the fire giant Surtr ignites the conflagration, the Midgardwurm floods the world and Sköll consumes the sun. The world sinks into infinite darkness ??

But the gods and the light will return and a new, better world will emerge.
As a symbolic pay for the brave Einherjer who fight on the side of the gods, we brewed this special beer.

The Barley Wine has always been a very strong and warming beer. It was developed in England in the 18th century, when the wine-drinking upper class was forced to find an alternative to French wine, because at that time it was often at war with France.
Of course, a vintage beer, also known as vintage beer, can also be enjoyed young, ie shortly after bottling, but it usually only reaches its culinary peak after a long storage period. Proper storage makes the beer softer, rounder and more complex. It forms sherry, port wine or cognac notes, foam and carbon dioxide is less, the beer is actually a good wine.
Because of the long shelf life and the enormous flavor maturation potential, vintage beers are therefore often collected and high traded, just like wines.
Presumably, this beer holds up to the Ragnarök, so that the remaining Einherjer can strengthen it.

This is the first vintage beer brewed in Wacken. Only about 2,000 bottles were largely bottled by hand in 0.75l bottles.
The warmth of this barley wine will help to survive the Fimbulwinter and attracts as compensation, not only, after the hardships of a drowned doomsday. Also, as a gift for friends and relatives who want to reward with something special, this exclusive beer is advised.
Optimal storage: at 5-10 °, dark and upright

- Capacity: 0.75 liters per bottle
- Upper-fermented strong beer
- Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, sugar and yeast
- Allergens: Contains gluten-containing cereals
- Alcohol content: 7.7% vol.
- Original wort: 22.5 °
- Made by the Wacken brewery, 25596 Wacken
- In cool and dark storage, best before: 31.12.2019
- Prices incl. 0,25 Euro deposit per bottle

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